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contactless card

All the major card scheme kernels, right out of the box.

  • visa
  • mastercard
  • unionpay
  • amex
  • discover
  • diners
  • jcb
  • pure-kernel

Building blocks for connecting sellers and buyers

Discover the foundational elements empowering seamless transactions between sellers and buyers. Explore our suite of innovative tools designed to enhance connectivity and streamline operations.


SDK transforms mobile into secure acceptance device, offering all major EMV kernels, advanced security and key management.

Attestation & Monitoring Service

The backend service underpins PCI-CPoC & PCI-MPoC compliance with real-time instance monitoring and robust attestation mechanisms.


Android Intent API, exposed by the SoftPOS app, enables POS vendors to seamlessly integrate, request transactions and other functionalities.

Service API

Service API is a set of REST APIs linked to MineSec's commercial layer, facilitating merchant, device, and transaction management.

Technology - SoftPOS Solution

Empower your development team with MineSec's Technology Solution, offering full control and flexibility in crafting your SoftPOS solution.

Utilize our SoftPOS SDK and Attestation & Monitoring Service to build a secure and compliant runtime environment tailored to your specifications.

Dive deep into development without the typical bottlenecks, ensuring the most flexible integration.


Suite - Acceptance Solution

Simplify your journey to card-present payment acceptance with MineSec's Suite Solution.

Benefit from our pre-built SoftPOS application and headless SDK, featuring essential components like card await and PIN entry.

Customize the application to your brand and leverage MineSec's backend systems for streamlined operations.

Accelerate your time-to-market and expand your merchant network effortlessly with our comprehensive Suite Solution.


Unlock Efficiency, Connect Effortlessly

Everything you need and more

Explore our comprehensive solutions designed to meet all your needs and exceed expectations. We've curated a versatile set of features and services to empower your business, ensuring seamless transactions and robust security.

PCI CPoC and PCI MPoC certified

Our solution is certified with PCI standards, ensuring security and compliance from the get-go.

Versatile Implementation Strategy

Choose from SDK integration, standalone app deployment, or app-to-app calling for tailored solutions that meet your specific needs.

Support for All Major Payment Kernels

Seamlessly process transactions from leading card networks including Visa, Mastercard, Amex, UnionPay, JCB, Discover, and Diners.

Isolated SDK

Minimize certification efforts with our isolated SDK, designed to streamline the compliance process for your convenience.

API-Based Integration

Integrate effortlessly with our RESTful API for seamless backend integration, simplifying communication between systems.

Flexible Deployment Options

Deploy our solution on managed cloud services or on-premise infrastructure, providing flexibility to adapt to your preferred environment.

Crypto Service

Utilize our crypto service for PIN translation and remote key injection, enhancing security and encryption capabilities.

Wide Payment Message Support

Support for various payment message formats including ISO8583, JSON, and XML, ensures compatibility with your preferred acquiring systems.

Robust Security Features

Benefit from robust security measures such as runtime checking, code obfuscation, and package protection, safeguarding your transactions against threats and vulnerabilities.

Latest news & updates

MineSec Achieves PURE Certification for SoftPOS Solutions
June 10, 2024Announcement
MineSec Achieves PURE Certification for SoftPOS Solutions

The PURE certification ensures that MineSec’s SoftPOS solution is secure, reliable and interoperable with other systems following the PURE specifications, adopted by a growing list of domestic payment schemes.

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Accept Payments on Consumer Phones with 'Tap to Everything' Powered by MineSec SoftPOS
June 4, 2024Announcement
Accept Payments on Consumer Phones with 'Tap to Everything' Powered by MineSec SoftPOS

MineSec SoftPOS now supports 'Tap on Your Own Device', allowing consumers to tap their credit card on their own NFC-enabled mobile devices to complete their purchases in-store and online.

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MineSec SoftPOS Now Integrated with Mastercard Gateway
May 28, 2024Announcement
MineSec SoftPOS Now Integrated with Mastercard Gateway

Customers already using Mastercard Gateway can now seamlessly use MineSec SoftPOS without additional custom development work or integration steps.

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