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MineSec launches White-Label SoftPOS Suite

Mon May 22 2023#Announcement
minesec softpos suite

MineSec announces the official launch of the MineSec White-Label SoftPOS Suite, an end-to-end Software Point of Sale (SoftPOS) solution, to enable payment service providers to swiftly expand their payment acceptance capabilities for their network of merchants.

SoftPOS has been gaining attention and traction around the world in recent years and has been lauded as a cost-effective payment solution that eliminates the need for additional and costly hardware, and reduces maintenance and repair costs. Proving to be an affordable payment option for small and medium-sized businesses, SoftPOS solutions also offer an elevated user experience with quick and convenient payment processes.

To enable SMEs’ digital economy transformation, MineSec developed a solution that can be tailor made to address growing pains during end-user transactions. Payment service providers that adopt the MineSec White-Label SoftPOS Suite can look forward to customizing the SoftPOS application to match their brand, ensuring a consistent and seamless user experience across all touchpoints, from POS features, payment methods to checkout processes.

The solution supports all international payment schemes and can be easily deployed across multiple locations. This has also attracted retailers to implement SoftPOS to increase mobility of checkout points within their stores and in pop-up retail markets.

To ensure a thorough and all-encompassing application, MineSec integrated advanced security features such as attestation and monitoring, cryptography, tokenization and fraud detection to protect against payment fraud and data breaches in the White-Label SoftPOS Suite.

The new solution has achieved the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Contactless Payments on COTS (CPoC) certification, Visa Tap to Phone and Mastercard Tap on Phone certification with PIN support. Merchants and consumers are provided the reassurance of the SoftPOS Suite's security standards, and can make contactless payments with greater convenience and peace of mind.

The MineSec White-Label SoftPOS Suite enables:

  • Accepting contactless card payment on smartphone
  • Faster and frictionless SoftPOS deployment
  • Reduced cost for external hardware and maintenance
  • Customized features according to business needs
  • Seamless user experience during checkout
  • Fortified data and fraud detection
“Innovation has never come with lower risk and greater brand assurance than now. We are proud to share the result of our team’s months of hard work to help our customers take their payment acceptance offerings to the next level,” said Angus Chiu, CEO of MineSec.

“This elevates the level of support we can extend to our customers, allowing them to avoid the inevitable growing pains of developing a SoftPOS solution from scratch,” he added.