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Leveraging MineSec's SDK, NCCNet SoftPOS solution receives PCI CPoC certification

Wed Mar 22 2023#Announcement

PRNewswire/ -- Taiwan’s National Credit Card Center’s (NCCC) has recently been awarded the Payment Card Industry-Contactless Payment on COTS (PCI CPoC) certification for their NCCNet solution. NCCC has credited MineSec for enabling the software point of sale (SoftPOS) development and certification process to aid cash-heavy retail merchants embrace the influx of digital payments through SoftPOS.

Based on NCCC’s data, contactless payment is fast becoming a preference among cardholders in Taiwan. NCCC estimates that for specific restaurants, over 90% of payments were done via contactless transactions and foresees an opportunity to pivot traditionally cash-reliant businesses such as house-keeping services, product sales on travel-busses, long-term care, vehicle maintenance, B&B, as well as farmer’s markets towards a digital economy.

The NCCNet SoftPOS solution built on MineSec’s SoftPOS SDK allows micro businesses and merchants to use their own NFC-enabled Android devices for secure contactless payments with the installation of its app that will function as a POS terminal.

Staying true to NCCC’s core “best service for merchants and cardholders” value, NCCC revealed, “Having carried out multiple researches, we understood the challenges for micro businesses. It was our goal to develop a solution that efficiently addressed these obstacles and a flexible white-label solutions provider was key to achieving this. We engaged MineSec because of their ability to customize according to our needs and their industry experience while being regulatory compliant. With a partner that is committed to our goals, the process, from development to launch, was methodical and comprehensive, despite the complexitivity.”

“As NCCC continues to develop solutions for micro businesses, we are working with them to further develop the SoftPOS solution, enabling wider card schemes acceptance including JCB, AMEX, UnionPay and Discover,” Angus Chiu, CEO of MineSec, added.

The initial feedback from businesses during its stage one introduction showed that merchants expressed interest in the NCCNet SoftPOS solution as it aids during constraints, especially in terms of checkout counter processes.

NCCC is currently integrating existing products into the NCCNet SoftPOS solution to include the Installment Payment Operating Platform and the Credit Card Purchase Transaction Benefit Platform.

About NCCC

NCCC was initially established as the “National Debit Card Center” in 1983. In 1988, responding to the trend of financial liberalisation/internationalisation, the Ministry of Finance amended the “Regulations Governing Banks Conducting National Debit Card Business” and transformed the “National Debit Card” into “National Credit Card”; therefore, the Center’s name was officially changed to “National Credit Card Center”.

NCCC is a non-profit public interest entity in Taiwan and serves as a domestic settlement and authorisation switching center for credit cards in accordance with the government policy. Meanwhile, NCCC established a membership system that provides card issuing members with centralised processing services, including international credit card brand licensing and sponsorship, shared information systems, as well as merchant network setup. With the aim to promote the development of the payment card industry and realise the goal of a non-cash society, NCCC also strives to push forward innovative businesses for the payment card industry.

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