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MineSec accelerates retail transformation by supporting NCCC contactless payment solution in Taiwan

Mon Dec 20 2021#Announcement

MineSec today announced that the National Credit Card Center of R.O.C. (NCCC), the domestic payment networking in Taiwan, selected MineSec's white-label SoftPOS solution for its Software Point of Sale (SoftPOS) payment solution. MineSec works with its local partner, Kollis, to support NCCC's SoftPOS implementation journey.

Consumers have been increasingly shifting from cash and card payments to contactless in recent years. According to Visa, more than 70% of transactions in Taiwan were contactless in 2021. As demand for contactless payments grows, NCCC aims to help more merchants accept card payments on Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) mobile devices without additional hardware.

"When consumers are ready to buy, they want a secure and convenient checkout process," says Angus Chiu, Chief Commercial Officer and Director of MineSec. "MineSec SoftPOS SDK makes it easy for NCCC to reply SoftPOS so merchants can support contactless payments quickly. Our white-label SDK solution complies with PCI security standards and supports both international and domestic payment schemes."

Acc​cording to NCCC, "Smartphone penetration is very high in Taiwan, as such we need to redefine the retail shopping experience with a SoftPOS app. By using MineSec SoftPOS SDK we can build with confidence since the app complies with security standards and is customisable for future needs. Our engineers can focus on building product features, instead of creating a platform from scratch."

"There's increasing complexity for maintaining traditional POS terminals that require manual updates and physical parts. We can help acquirers like NCCC build a SoftPOS application that increases value-add for customers, while lowering infrastructure costs for merchants," says Jack Chang, General Manager of Kollis.

MineSec SoftPOS solution is designed based on PCI CPoC security requirements so customers can leverage security mechanisms such as software protection and backend system monitoring to minimise security risks. For example, the SoftPOS application deactivates when it detects suspicious activity on the COTS device during attestation.

NCCC is a non-profit public interest entity and serves as a domestic settlement and authorisation switching centre for credit cards in accordance with the government policy. Meanwhile, NCCC established a membership system that provides card issuing members with centralised processing services, including international credit card brand licensing and sponsorship, shared information systems, as well as merchant network setup. With the aim to promote the development of the payment card industry and realise the goal of a non-cash society, NCCC also strives to push forward innovative businesses for the payment card industry. For more information, visit

MineSec helps their customers to drive innovations in secure and seamless contactless payment solution globally. Their highly experienced and knowledgeable team offers extensive local market and industry expertise to help simplify the complexities of innovation and accelerate time to market. The white-label SoftPOS solution from MineSec provides ease of integration and customisation for various business needs, allowing customers to scale confidently and competitively to meet every market's unique evolving needs.