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MineSec Makes First SoftPOS Foray into South Korea with Beaver Works

Fri Jul 21 2023#Announcement

MineSec is breaking new ground in South Korea with its first customer Beaver Works, a payment service provider, to build a Software Point-of-Sale (SoftPOS) offering fit for South Korea. Beaver Works integrated MineSec SoftPOS Software Development Kit (SDK) with their payment application so merchants can accept payments from mobile wallets and contactless payment cards, without additional POS hardware.

Speed and flexibility are essential for new product development. MineSec’s white-label SoftPOS SDK helps Beaver Works customise contactless payment methods according to customer requirements. Such methods in South Korea include major credit cards such as Mastercard, Visa, and popular mobile wallets such as Samsung Pay, Google Pay and Apple Pay. At the same time, MineSec SoftPOS SDK meets stringent payment security regulations to minimise fraud and protect sensitive data for contactless payments.

Consumers in South Korea have been embracing contactless payment to pay for various goods and services, from grocery shopping to bus rides. International tourists are also looking to shop conveniently with their preferred contactless card or mobile wallets instead of carrying local currency. Merchants can keep pace with such consumer preferences and maximise sales by offering contactless payment as a payment option. By downloading the SoftPOS app, small businesses can start reaping the benefits of contactless payment without investing in POS terminals.

SoftPOS can also deliver a competitive advantage for businesses by freeing up a dedicated cashier and empowering retail employees to provide customer service and checkout anywhere in the store. A seamless operation flow from order handling to payment processing on a SoftPOS can help overcome staff shortages and improve operating efficiency even when there is a high volume of sales.

"We target small and medium business owners who want to boost productivity and revenue with a secure and convenient contactless payment solution," says Sooho Bae, Project Manager of Beaver Works. "By integrating MineSec SoftPOS SDK in our SoftPOS app, we can offer multiple contactless payment methods, including Apple Pay, as they become available in Korea."

"Customers such as Beaver Works demonstrate strong demand for contactless payment in South Korea in a vibrant retail market. We want to help payment providers such as Beaver Works speed of entry as more businesses embrace contactless payments to attract customers,” says Angus Chiu, CEO of MineSec. "While we continue to build on our payment security, Beaver Works can better focus on user experience by customising features for business owners."