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A Resounding Success for Inaugural MineSec Solutions Day

Mon Apr 29 2024#Event
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The inaugural MineSec Solutions Day has come to a close with resounding success! This landmark event brought together a vibrant community passionate about payments, driving insightful discussions and building valuable connections.

We extend our deepest gratitude to our esteemed guest speakers from AWS, Beaverworks, Landi Global, Licel, Neurogine, On-Us, OpenRice, OxPay, and SGS Brightsight. Their diverse expertise and industry insights fueled the day's agenda, sparking engaging conversations on the ever-evolving payments innovation landscape.

Plenary Sessions: Deep Dives into Innovation

The event featured a series of insightful plenaries, including Beaverworks' presentation delving into the challenges faced by small and medium-sized businesses in the digital commerce landscape and offered innovative solutions from Beaverworks to empower them.

Landi Global showcased their comprehensive suite of solutions and discussed how their recent partnership with MineSec will revolutionize the way clients approach cybersecurity.

Neurogine also shared their captivating story of navigating the certification process with Mastercard and Visa for their SoftPOS solution, paving the way for wider adoption of this revolutionary technology.

Panel Discussions: Sparking Critical Conversations

In addition to the plenaries, two engaging panel discussions ignited critical conversations:

  • Security at the Heart of Contactless Payment Innovations - Experts from AWS, Licel and SGS Brightsight shared their perspectives on balancing between innovation and security in contactless payment solutions, providing valuable insights for businesses and consumers alike.
  • The SoftPOS Revolution: Unleashing the Potential of Contactless Payments - This panel had representatives from On-Us, OpenRice and OxPay explore the transformative potential of SoftPOS technology and addressed key considerations for its widespread adoption.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who participated, whether you joined us in the venue or tuned in via Zoom. Your active participation was instrumental in making this event a success.

A (Re)Commitment to Shaping the Future of Payments

This momentous occasion wasn't just about celebrating the success of MineSec; it also marked the unveiling of a new chapter for our company as MineSec CEO Angus Chiu announced a company rebrand, signifying a bold declaration of impact and a transformation of our core identity and values.

We're reshaping the payments landscape with innovative, resilient and forward-thinking mobile-based payment solutions. They're not just intuitive and accessible, they're designed to make a difference with unwavering quality and reliability. We prioritize unparalleled security to give you peace of mind. And most importantly, we're passionately customer-centric, going above and beyond to deliver exceptional value

We envision a world where payments are intuitive, accessible, and empowering, seamlessly connected, and powered by the collaborative spirit fostered throughout our network of customers and partners.

Learn more about MineSec's exciting new brand identity here.

See You Again Soon!

Stay tuned for exciting announcements about future editions, where we aim to welcome an even wider audience. Together, we can build a world where payment is effortless.