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Accept Payments on Consumer Phones with 'Tap to Everything' Powered by MineSec SoftPOS

Tue Jun 04 2024#Announcement

Visa recently announced extended use cases of Tap to Phone in their Visa Payment Forum in California, demonstrating SoftPOS technology's potential for further innovations that will allow consumers to "Tap to Everything".

We are excited to share that MineSec SoftPOS now supports ‘Tap on Your Own Device’, one of the latest use cases of SoftPOS that is transforming the payment experience both online and offline. With this new SoftPOS solution, consumers can simply tap their credit card on their own NFC-enabled mobile devices to complete their purchases in-store and online platforms.

MineSec will be rolling out ‘Tap on Your Own Device’ services with our partners in both Hong Kong and Singapore in the coming months. These new roll outs will support all major card networks including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

‘Tap on Your Own Device’ offers significant security benefits for both consumers and merchants. The possibility of skimming or data breaches is minimized as the physical card remains with the consumer throughout the payment process. It also eliminates the need for consumers to store their credit card information on merchant websites.

MineSec's ‘Tap on Your Own Device’ SoftPOS solution includes integration of various contactless payment methods, including QR codes. With the merchant’s app installed, consumers can scan the merchants' QR codes to access their bills and tap their credit cards to their own mobile phones. This seamless process allows for quick and secure transactions, while also eliminating the need for physical payment terminals.

For payment service providers (PSPs) and merchants alike, MineSec's SoftPOS solution with ‘Tap on Your Own Device’ capabilities offers a wealth of opportunities; enabling businesses to expand their payment acceptance options, while also providing consumers with a more convenient and secure payment experience.

Contact MineSec today and unlock the potential of this cutting-edge solution for your business.