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MineSec Achieves PCI MPoC Certification for A&M Services, Strengthens SoftPOS Security

Tue Jul 09 2024#Announcement
MineSec PCI MPoC certified A&M Service

MineSec, a leading provider of SoftPOS technology, today announced it has achieved PCI MPoC certification for its Attestation & Monitoring (A&M) Services. This accomplishment builds upon MineSec’s prior achievement of PCI MPoC certification for its Isolated SDK in May 2024, further solidifying their commitment to delivering comprehensive security for their customers’ SoftPOS solutions.

SoftPOS is gaining traction globally as consumers demonstrate preference for contactless payments. With SoftPOS, merchants can accept contactless payments without investing in additional hardware, and with just an NFC-enabled Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) mobile device.

The A&M server functions as the backbone of secure SoftPOS solutions. The A&M server constantly safeguards the overall infrastructure of a SoftPOS solution, updates based on evolving security threats, and vigilantly scans for vulnerabilities in both custom and off-the-shelf components.  Achieving this certification demonstrates MineSec’s A&M Services robustness and verifies that it meets the stringent criteria set by the PCI Security Standards Council.

The certified A&M service supports both MIneSec’s MineHades Isolated SDK and MineSec’s SoftPOS Suite, a ready-to-go white-label SoftPOS solution that is on track to receive PCI MPoC Solution certificate.

“We are thrilled to attain PCI MPoC certification for our A&M Service, underscoring our dedication to providing robust and secure payment technology to our customers,” said Angus Chiu, CEO of MineSec. “This empowers businesses to confidently adopt SoftPOS solutions and embrace the future of mobile payments.”

To learn more about MineSec’s SoftPOS technology and solutions, contact us to find out how we can empower your SoftPOS development.